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Zeroflame is the wholesale supplier of the simplest and most straightforward fire protective coatings in the UK market.  From our depot in Lisburn, County Antrim and through our UK distribution partner we supply fire retardant coatings and fire protective products.  With the ability to distribute throughout Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland, our product range, which includes products suited to the professional decorator, builder and the DIY user, is readily available to all.  We have products such as Zeroflame Fire Retardant Paint, which will provide Class 0 spread of flame protection on walls, ceilings, timber, and non-combustible surfaces; and Zeroflame AquaSteel WB+, which provides ½ hour and 1 hour fire protection on all standard size steel members.  We offer a friendly customer service and free advice.


Established in 1976, as the Hamron Group, we sold specialist paints and coatings for structural fire protection. Over the years the company became a leader in this highly specialist field with our products being specified in many building projects, from the simple dwelling house to highly prestigious developments throughout Ireland and abroad.

What became clear in time, however, was that the sheer complexity of these products meant that they were not readily available to the traditional suppliers to the building trade – the builder’s providers, decorator’s merchants, hardware stores, etc. In the early 1990s we made a conscious decision to address this problem and embarked on a programme to develop structural fire protection products with simple and straightforward specifications, all tested to the relevant standards and packaged in such a way that they could easily be marketed by builders' merchants and the like.

The products proved so attractive in the marketplace that we sold the original Hamron Group business to enable us to concentrate our efforts on this rapidly expanding new venture. Hence Zeroflame was born.

Why Zeroflame?

The Requirements

The requirement for fire protection in buildings is set out in The Building Regulations 2010 Fire Safety Approved Document B (www.planningportal.gov.uk). The following is an example of what is included in this document, in this case relating to internal surfaces:

“B2 (1) To inhibit the spread of flame within the building, the internal linings shall:

(a) Adequately resist the spread of flame over their surfaces; and

(b) Have, if ignited, a rate of heat release, or a rate of fire growth, which is reasonable in the circumstances”

Fire protection in buildings is not a choice, it is a legal requirement.

Zeroflame have the products to meet the requirements – do you?

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